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#tenz8 Notes from the Field at NZ Tech-Ed 08 day 1

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 2-Sep-2008 01:59


Where Comments
01-09-2008 8:27 Plenary in plenary session
01-09-2008 8:53 Plenary listening to John Key
01-09-2008 8:54 Plenary disintermediate?
01-09-2008 9:03 Plenary NZ is an under-performing company. change the management
01-09-2008 9:05 Plenary meaningless Global Warming dribble from Labour
01-09-2008 9:13 Plenary 2000 IT pros here now
01-09-2008 9:25 Plenary Live Mesh = software + services
01-09-2008 9:27 Plenary Google = software as a service
01-09-2008 10:44 WEB301 Scott Hanselman starting
01-09-2008 12:10 WEB301 MVC routing as user interface
01-09-2008 12:13 DEV215 Windows Mobile development started
01-09-2008 12:40 DEV215 great demo query webservice and create calendar item
01-09-2008 13:00 DEV215 Silverlight 4 Mobile is immanent
01-09-2008 14:24 SOA301 how to AJAX enable WCF services
01-09-2008 15:10 SOA301 ctrl+k+v = auto-format
01-09-2008 15:19 SOA301 register web service inside ScriptManager
01-09-2008 15:53 WEB302 when scottha mentions poo shout skull
01-09-2008 16:27 WEB302 scottha is demo-ing Linq 2 REST
01-09-2008 16:53 WEB302 big ups from scottha to Ivan Towlson. prestige!
01-09-2008 17:05 WEB302 Scott Hanselman's The Man! 
01-09-2008 17:15 DEV335 VB2008 Starts
01-09-2008 18:15 DEV335 i cannot conceive of any use for anonymous delegates
01-09-2008 18:30 DEV335 Nick Randolph Speaks My Language
01-09-2008 20:00 Dinner bloggers dinner starts
01-09-2008 20:08 Dinner just discovered none of my tenz8 tweats were logged!
01-09-2008 22:08 Dinner scottha talks 32 ways 2 make blog suck less
01-09-2008 23:00 Bar Plenty of social networking opportunities.  A great forum. 
01-09-2008 23:30 Bar I might have volunteered to assist Mauricio with his GeekZone DB issues?!?!?!

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James Hippolite
New Zealand

Welcome to my technical blog. 

Here, I attempt to distill the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer knowledge I have accumulated since first qualifying MCP in 1996.  This blog started on 13 September 2007 as an off-shoot from my mixed up personal blog.  But it took a shot in the arm from Scott Hanselman's talk at TechEd New Zealand 08 "32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less".