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James went to Tech Ed 08

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 15-Sep-2008 10:10

IMAG0015 IMAG0016
Tech-Ed panel discussion. Scott Hanselman on the floor. Wider shot. Chris Auld of Intergen is facilitating this discussion.  In my personal opinion, it's the best job Chris has demonstrated in all the years I've observed him on stage.
IMAG0017 IMAG0018
Four of the eight members of the Workgroup Solutions Team were at Tech Ed this year.  We are Telecom's only internally-focused .NET development team (our externally-focused team is called Gen-i). 

The WST belongs to Applications Development, Maintenance and Support, a part of Technology & Shared Services.
Gary Saunders, Team Leader of Wellington. 
IMAG0019 IMAG0022
David Bulog, DBA of Auckland Norman Close, Senior Developer of Christchurch

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Welcome to my technical blog. 

Here, I attempt to distill the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer knowledge I have accumulated since first qualifying MCP in 1996.  This blog started on 13 September 2007 as an off-shoot from my mixed up personal blog.  But it took a shot in the arm from Scott Hanselman's talk at TechEd New Zealand 08 "32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less".