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User Group PDC Event

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 6-Nov-2008 08:03

From Kirk:Hi,

Thanks for RSVPing for tonight's meeting!

This is just a quick reminder that we start slightly earlier than usual (5:30pm), and our venue is different (Mezzanine Room, Level 1, Wellington Library). The room is just next to the lift on the first floor, before you go into the library.

It's looking like we're going to have a whirl-wind 2 hours going through some of the cool stuff from the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) last week:
 - Cloud services / AzureChris Auld
 - Silverlight 2.0James Newton-King
 - New VB.NET featuresJames Hippolite
 - SharepointChan Kulathilake
 - Windows 7Mark Orange
 - Oslo and modelingOwen Evans
 - New C# 4.0 featuresKirk Jackson
I also have a few prizes to give away, so make sure you get there on time!

For those of you that have invited your kids, there will be a prize or two for them too.

Cheers, see you tonight,
From James:

My presentation was on VB.NEXT, the Next Version of VB.NET.
My slides are here:
I covered the following topics:

  • Where is Visual Basic Headed?
  • Co-Development with C#
  • New Features
  • Future Trends

The New Features I covered were:

  • Automatic Properties
  • Multi-Line Lambdas (and Sub Lambda with PLINQ)
  • Generic Variance (too hard, left this for Kirk!)
  • Dynamic Language Runtime Interop
  • Collection Initializers
  • Array Literals
  • Implicit Line Continuations
  • Embedded Primary Interop Assemblies

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