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By James Hippolite, in , posted: 14-Nov-2008 08:09

Attended this yesterday (Thursday 13 November) morning.  Contents confidential, although we were recorded!  I gave some feedback on developer issues:
  • I hate the Ribbon (Ivon Towlson loves it).
  • Generally very pleased with development suite.
  • I wish the Membership Provider didn't insist on utilising a password all the time.  This is because, in an Intranet scenario, I can ascertain the Windows login ID of the user (authentication).  Therefore, all I need to do in order to verify whether the user is allowed into one of my apps (authorisation) is to check off their name from a list.  No passwords required.  But because that's how the Membership Provider is structured, therefore I can't use it.
  • I use SubSonic as my ORM of choice, although I understand with the demise of LINQ 2 SQL, that the Entities Framework will be (soon) the ORM solution offered by Microsoft.
  • I'm not involved in licensing of Microsoft Products here at Telecom, for which I am truely grateful, although I did have input into the decision to continue receiving DVDS as part of MSDN.  Starting from the next annual subscription, I will be reversing my earlier recommendation and instead choose to download all MSDN content that we require.
  • I highly rate and highly value the contribution of Microsoft to the establishment and support of the .NET community events.  For me, these are career enhancing opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, learn from them, socialise with them, and give back.
  • On the question of Trust, I do not trust Microsoft to stick with any one technology, but to constant move with the industry adoption options.  I do trust them to be around for a number of years.  I don't trust them to fully support NZ (e.g. with Data Centres) any time soon.  I do trust them to innovate continually (even if that means they hire innovative individuals like Rob Conery).
  • One idea I didn't voice, because it was uncalled-for and unmerited was this.  With a new socialist president in America, will he force monopolies like Microsoft to split up?  NZ did it to Telecom, so don't tell me it doesn't happen!

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