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Migrating DTS to SSIS 2008

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 6-Dec-2008 16:11

Migrating DTS to SSIS 2008
  • Myles Matheson
  • Solution Specialist
  • Microsoft New Zealand
 Session Objectives
  • Explain the migration story for SSIS 2008
  • Describe tools and practices for migration
  • Provide guidance for current engagements
 Key takeaways
  • We will not break existing installs
  • This is not the next version of DTS – it’s the first version of a whole new product
  • Migration is not perfect
  • Redesign is a better option
  • From DTS to SSIS
  • Upgrade Experience
  • Support for Migration
  • Migrating Packages
 Simple Data Transformation
  • DTS Data Transformation and SSIS Data Flow objects models don’t map 1-1.
  • Goal: Migrate all packages created by the Import/Export Wizard and any others with equivalent functionality
  1. What’s the first thing to do before a migration?  Run Upgrade Advisor
  2. What happens when SSIS Migration Wizard can’t upgrade a DTS package?  It will be encapsulated and called back from a legacy DTS runtime.
  3. What else should be first?  Get funding/permission!

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