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Management of data warehouse (performance)

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 6-Dec-2008 17:17

Management of data warehouse (performance)
  • Greg Low (again)
  • Show
    • Definition of the new tools and features
    • Demonstrations
  • Flow
    • Explanation of how the features work
    • Demonstration of the features components
  • Know and Go
    • Internals and architecture
    • Planning and Implementation
 SQL Sever 2008 Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Data Collector
  • Management Data Warehouse
  • Performance and Configuration* Reports
  • Activity Monitor
  • Graphical Showplan*
  • SQL Profiler*
  • Dynamic Management Views*
  • Resource Governor (Enterprise Only)
  • XEvents
  • Database Engine Tuning Advisor (Enterprise Only)*
 *=Enhanced Feature Take a snapshot (copy) of data
  • from system data management views
  • into a static copy
  • e.g. sys.dm_exec_sessions
 Activity Monitor (is really sweet)
  • Processes
  • Resource Waits
  • Data File I/O
  • Recent Expensive Queries
 Data Collection and Evaluation Components
  • SQL2K8 Engine Windows Service (Data Collector)
  • SQL2K8 msdb
  • Etc (missed it)
 Data Collector Internals and Architecture
  • Data Provider (Collection Item)
    • TSQL
    • Performance Counters (e.g. sys.dm_os_performance_counters)
    • Trace Definition
  • Collection Set
    • Msdb Database tables
    • Linked to Agent jobs
  • SSIS
  • Management Data Warehouse
 Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Think Central
    • Collecting to a central MDW keeps you from monitoring the collection itself
    • Using a “Central Management Server” makes…
  • Watch the Clock
  • Space, the Final Frontier
 Performance Monitoring Tools Roadmap
  • Data Collection
    • Data Collection Sets
  • Performance and Diagnostics Monitoring
    • System Collection Sets Reports
  • Historical and baseline comparisons
    • Management Data Warehouse going forward
  • Trouble-shooting and Tuning
    • Policy based management

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