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Exam 70-300 Objective 6

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 30-Mar-2009 09:44

Tested myself on Exam 70-300 (Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures) Objective 6 (Creating the Physical Design) and received 83%.  I've got a bit of study to do, specifically:

  1. Select the appropriate technologies for the physical design of the solution..
    • Implement Wizard-type app via dialog box (forces sequence)
  2. Create the physical design for the solution
    • Implementation stage: determin a programming model and specify component interfaces, attributes and services
  3. Create the physical design for deployment
    • Release Management: Evaluates infrastructure implications; defines infrastructure requirements; operational requirements; deployes solution
  4. Create the physical design for maintenance
    • Research stage: create physical design, determine constraints; requirements; identify infrastructure changes
  5. Create the physical design for the data model
    • Stored Procedures are not best to implement Business Logic in Data Layer.  COM component and call from data component.
  6. Validate the physical design
    • Scalability requries asynchronous not Load Balancing (which is useful for Availability).

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