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Wellington SQL Server User Group Meeting April 2009

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 17-Apr-2009 07:56

I attended a presentation last night:

Title Wearing multiple hats.  Being a DBA and a developer.
Audience Wellington SQL Server User Group
Presenter Dave Dustin – Wolters Kluwer Health

Dave is also convenor of the Auckland SQL Server User Group
Brief Given the size of many New Zealand companies and their respective IT departments, many IT professionals wear multiple hats.  Dave will be giving his view of coming from the development world into the DBA role, and what it means if you need to work in both areas.
Attendees About 20 – a good number for us
Date/Time Thursday 16 April @ 5:30pm
Slides Coming

It was unfortunate that Dave’s security key was not present, so that he was unable to start his laptop and show us his slides.  However, he did remarkably well from just memory.

I was reminded of the usefulness of Test-Driven Development (TDD) aka “test-first” or “fail-first”:

  • Before you code, write a test which fails.
  • Then write the code that makes the test succeed
  • Then you have a permanent regression test case
Further Comments

He was not able to do the second half of his presentation, which was about Visual Studio Team System 2008: Database Pro edition – GDR.

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