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Delivered my Quality Presentation Again

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 16-Jul-2009 07:40

This time to the Wellington Dot Net Users Group.
See previous post for link to slides.
Another good discussion ensued.
This time I demoed FxCop.  That went well.
I think next time (if there is one) I would also demo the Testing framework.

Feedback on my presentation style: was good, but I need to "own" the subject a bit more.  Instead of being deferential to either the material or the audience, I need to project confidence in the stuff I know.

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Comment by Jamie, on 16-Jul-2009 16:05

Hi James Thanks again for that presentation and a good discussion afterwards (I was the test engineer looking at continuous integration for dotnet). Is it possible for me to grab a copy of the presentation slides? If you're OK with re-use, I was hoping to present something partly based upon the points you covered for Assurity staff focussing on wider application quality and thinking outside of the testing "box". It wasn't something I planned before last night, but I came out of the presentation thinking it would be a very interesting subject! Cheers Jamie :)

Author's note by JamesHip, on 17-Jul-2009 07:53

Kiaora Jamie,

Here's the link:

I'm also available to present, if desired!

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