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I have moved my Blog!

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 28-Aug-2009 09:53

Old Site:
New Site:
Reason: I can now use Windows Live Writer to write my blogs, instead of manually creating an html page in Microsoft Visual Studio!  Also, the formatting was being automatically changed, thus rendering my final output almost illegible.
Method: I had to move each item manually!  I discovered how to make my past blogs appear as though they were written on their original post date, but I couldn’t make the comments appear that way.  It took me 7 days to do it, because there was 7 pages of blogs to move over; each page was about 20 blogs.
Result: This will be my final entry at GeekZone.  Thanks, Mauricio, for being a great service when I needed you.

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Comment by simon14, on 28-Aug-2009 15:12

If your blog was that important to you, why not host it yourself and use something like wordpress? Could even get your own domain name for it too.

Comment by simon14, on 28-Aug-2009 15:13

I also don't think you'll get as many readers moving to blogspot....

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 28-Aug-2009 20:24

Wordpress would have been a better choice if you had looking for free blog.

Author's note by JamesHip, on 28-Aug-2009 23:02

Awww, shucks, if I'd known what I was doing to begin with, don't you think I would have done different?    Too late now.

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James Hippolite
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Welcome to my technical blog. 

Here, I attempt to distill the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer knowledge I have accumulated since first qualifying MCP in 1996.  This blog started on 13 September 2007 as an off-shoot from my mixed up personal blog.  But it took a shot in the arm from Scott Hanselman's talk at TechEd New Zealand 08 "32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less".