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GeekPost Weekly Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 8

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 4-Dec-2009 14:01

Geek Post

Volume 1 Issue 8

Friday 4 December 2009

Hippolite Musings

Tena Koutou Katoa,

Nothing particularly geeky to report this week.

I re-discovered a useful short-cut at work today: when your Change Request is knocked back at the last possible moment before Brown-Out is about to come crashing down, then reducing the Category from Sev2 to Sev3 works!



Developer News

Got A Tricky Project

User initiates a process by clicking a button

  • which uploads a file to web server
  • and kicks off a stored proc
  • which kicks off an Agent Job (thus elevating privilege)
  • which kicks off an SSIS package
  • which kicks off a WinSCP job to transfer the file to a Secure FTP server
  • which is being polled by a mainframe job
  • which will upload the file

Telecom News

Telecom Christmas Party today

Venue: TSB Arena (Queens Wharf), Wellington

Theme: Wild, Wild West


Product News

Which version of Windows 7 is right for you?

Windows 7 is available in 3 versions. Find out which version is suited to your needs and how you can buy your own copy of Windows 7. How to upgrade from Vista or XP to Windows 7

Once you've decided which edition of Windows 7 to buy, and checked that your PC is capable of running it, you'll want to actually go ahead and install Windows 7. Here are some things you should consider before you install.

Partner News

Changes to Microsoft Wellington Staff Phone Numbers

On Monday 7 December Microsoft New Zealand employees will transition to a new phone system using our own Unified Communications telephony solution. This will mean the phone numbers of our Wellington based staff members will change to include an 09 prefix. A transition period until January 5 will ensure you're advised of new numbers to call if you use an old number. This transition is a result of a continuing drive to save time, reduce travel costs, and lower our environment impact. Current Promotions

For a full list of current promotions available to your customers including a number of offers on Office 2007 and a great deal on Windows 7 upgrades click here.

Situations Vacant

Web / .NET Developer with around 1-2 years experience wanted +a grad!

Hi All,

We are looking for a web developer to come work with us at Outpost Central  (, someone who's got a little bit of experience under their belt.   Someone with a keen interest in the latest ways of crafting software!

Also looking for a good grad as well! :-)

Just send me an email + CV to  



Training News

The annual Microsoft Professional Developers Conference took place this month in Los Angeles and provided an early look at some exciting new technologies including Internet Explorer 9, Silverlight 4, and Windows Azure. I encourage you to take the time to view some of the online content and videos.

Search Twitter Trends with Bing

You can now search for what people are saying all over the web about breaking news topics, your favorite celebrity, live sports games, and anything else you use Twitter to stay on top of today.

Trainer News

Practice Exam 70-561 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - ADO.NET Application Framework Objective 2: Selecting and Querying Data

Score: 34/43 = 79 %

For Further Study:

  • LINQ to SQL: .NET Language-Integrated Query for Relational Data
  • OpenSqlFilestream API
  • Updating Data Sources with DataAdapters (ADO.NET)
  • Retrieving Large Data (ADO.NET)
  • SqlParameter Class
  • Asynchronous Operations (ADO.NET)


Re-Launch of SQL Server Standard Magazine

By Andy Warren

Today we're pleased to feature the first issue of the newly re-launched SQL Server Standard magazine. Those of you who have been PASS members for a while will remember that the Standard served as our flagship magazine for many years until we had to halt production due to rising print costs. It's taken a while to get going again, but we're now offering it again in a much streamlined PDF format - for free to our members!

I wrote in greater detail about the history and vision for the Standard in my blog, but the short story is that it should be a place for our members to showcase their skills and provide value to our members. 

New from the SQL Server Standard: The Trouble with Triggers

By Thomas LaRock

Imagine you are developing an application. You spend a few hours putting together some pages into a Web application, and now you want to verify that the data is getting inserted and updated correctly. You enter some data, click the Submit button, and go to the database to confirm that the data is there. Only it isn't there, at least not your data.

You then spend the next few hours debugging your code. You step through every line imaginable. You call home so your kids can hear the sound of your voice because you know they will be in bed if and when you should ever get home. And then, out of nowhere, you get an idea. Could a trigger be changing the data? Sure enough, you find that a trigger has indeed been at work all along, and your code is working as expected. You're just not seeing the expected results.

...Why no love for these seemingly benign and inanimate pieces of a database design? Because they're typically built in so that you don't even know they're there. And that results in a waste of time when trying to troubleshoot application code, for example, and I hate wasting time.

Events Schedule

In this section, I highlight dates, times and venues of events either I am presenting at, or of interest to METTLE.  I'm available for bookings.

Date Event Venue Speaker
9-Dec-09 Styling a WPF/SilverLight Application Xero, Wellington Daniel McGaughran
18-May-10 NZ SharePoint Conference Bay of Plenty Lots


Living Dangerously

The obviously blind man (white cane and all) says to the barkeep "Wanna hear a blond joke?"

The bartender says "Before you start, know that this is a biker's pub; I'm blond, the bouncer's blond and the Hell's Angel sitting next to you is blond. Do you still want to tell that joke?"

The blind man says "Well not if I'm going to have to explain it three times."

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Welcome to my technical blog. 

Here, I attempt to distill the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer knowledge I have accumulated since first qualifying MCP in 1996.  This blog started on 13 September 2007 as an off-shoot from my mixed up personal blog.  But it took a shot in the arm from Scott Hanselman's talk at TechEd New Zealand 08 "32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less".