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Geek Post Monthly Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 10

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 5-Nov-2010 13:41

Geek Post

Volume 2 Issue 10

October 2010

Hippolite Musings

Tena Koutou Katoa,

In October, I:

  • Went to a Science Fiction themed party at my sister's house for her grandson (school holidays);
  • Played a couple of games of squash in the Spring Interclub season, all with varying levels of disappointment (some high, some low);
  • Received training on the Primavera project management tool used at Telecom;
  • Conducted interviews for a development position here at Telecom;
  • Visited work colleague at home to coo over new born babe;
  • Finally fixed the electric lawn mower (sourced the right fuse with the correct amperage and managed to jam it in);
  • Took my son to battle robots at the VEX Scrimmage at Wellington High School;
  • Attended Wellington SQL Server User Group meeting (first one in ages) on the topic of "SSIS and Powershell focused toward Database Maintenance and Investigation of Common Errors";
  • Participated in 100 day plan review - starting to become more forward thinking rather than reactive at work;
  • Studied for exam 70-503: "Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Communication Foundation Application Development"
  • Attended a Microsoft seminar on "Delivering Business Value with Visual Studio 2010" at the Intercontinental Hotel; and
  • Took a day off work to spend time with Aimee for her 9th birthday celebration (got a haircut, watched "Legend of the Guardians 3D", visited Te Papa).


Community Development

Grenada Village Online

  • Implemented "Latest News" widget.
  • Implemented single "Search" widget on Master Page.
  • Needs a better logo (or I need to learn how to make the background transparent).

Align Church Online

  • Nothing new added;
  • Need to implement same widgets described above.
  • Needs a smaller logo (so I can rearrange the Master Page.  Everything looks too big to me.)

Wellington Home Education Network

  • Nothing new added;
  • Have handed this over.

Wellington SQL Server Users Group

Wellington Dot Net Users Group

Developer News

Top Stories
  • Windows Phone 7

    The new Windows Phone is now available for Kiwis! It's been an exciting journey and there has been over 500,000 downloads of the Windows Phone Developer Tools in more than 200 countries. The final version of the Developer tools went live last month so make sure you download it and start building today. Our primary goal with the developer tools is all about enabling you to build whatever you can dream up.

  • PDC10

    Besides the excitement around Windows Phone, the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is also coming around the corner. Since 1991, the Microsoft PDC has been the centre of Microsoft's biggest platform announcements. This year will be no exception. Due to overwhelming interest in the Redmond event, we are currently working with MS Communities to organise local events where you can watch the keynote and other related sessions. So, make sure you join your local user group to watch the latest PDC announcements or watch the live stream from your PC.

  • Windows Azure Introductory Offer

    Take advantage of the Windows Azure Platform Special Introductory Offer. This introductory offer offers a base amount of the Windows Azure Platform services with no monthly commitment. Limited amount at no charge available now. 

  • 7 Free .NET Development and Architecture E-books

    Who doesn't love free books? Take a look at this list of 7 useful free e-books for .NET programmers and budding architects.

  • ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta Released

    Additional dependency injection support, unobtrusive jQuery-based AJAX and validation, VBHTML Razor syntax and a lot more features are in this beta.

  • BizTalk Saturday - Auckland 6 Nov 2010

    The BizTalk User Community in Australia & New Zealand have come together to present a community event around BizTalk Server 2010. The day will consist of short talks about the new feature and then hands on labs to allow you first-hand experience with the new features. In New Zealand the event is being hosted by the Auckland Connected Systems User Group. The cost per student is NZ$250 only to cover the venue and speaker travel.

  • Learn how to effectively manage information and improve productivity at HARNESS 2010

    Do you have an overwhelming amount of information and are struggling to handle it?

    . Difficulty managing hard copies in line with electronic records?
    . Users struggling to find what they are looking for?
    . A desire to improve simple processes, so you have less paper and a lot more control?
    . Or just a strong interest in SharePoint either as a beginner or existing user?

    If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then HARNESS 2010 is a free seminar you shouldn't miss.

  • SharePoint Saturday - 11 December 2010

    The inaugural SharePoint Saturday New Zealand will be held in Christchurch on December the 11th.
    Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010 for a 'SharePoint Saturday' event.

  • Get Started with SQL Server 2008 R2
    Discover the many new features and benefits of developing with SQL Server 2008 R2 as discussed by Paul Rubens on his latest MSDN article posted on SQL Server 2008 R2 adds even higher mission-critical scale, more efficient server management, and expanded reporting and analytics for self-service business intelligence to the SQL Server platform. Click here to read the full article on why you should consider SQL Server 2008 R2.

  • Attend PASS Summit 2010
    PASS Summit 2010 is the largest and most renowned Microsoft SQL Server and BI conference in the world, delivering the most technical sessions, the highest-rated sessions and speakers, and the greatest access to the Microsoft SQL Server development, SQL CAT, business intelligence, and Customer service and support teams of any SQL Server event.

  • Silverlight Firestarter December 2, 2010
    Following October's PDC, this is the developer event for Silverlight. It's a global event open to all developers through online participation. We have seating for 400 attendees in Building 33 in the main Microsoft campus in Redmond. Register to attend in person or online.

  • Internet Explorer 9
    Dean Hachamovitch showed off new features added to the latest IE9 Platform Preview (Preview 6). These included CCS3 2D transforms and there is a new Flickr Postcards demo that shows this off (this only works in Preview 6). The IE team continue to focus on standards support, including HTML5, and performance improvements as they work towards the Release Candidate.

MSDN Subscribers

Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers

New: the 8-month introductory MSDN benefits have been extended to 16 months.

New Software Available for Download


Visual Studio 2010 Testing Training - Auckland and Wellington. Act now!
  • Enhance ALM is once again bringing their popular "Mastering Testing with Visual Studio 2010" course to New Zealand next month. This course covers the use of Microsoft Test Manager, manual tests, Coded UI tests and much more. Book before the 19th November for a special early bird rate of just NZD$995. A saving of NZD$200 of the normal course cost.
MCT Readiness
  • November 17th: The MCT & Educator Virtual Summit:
    Following your feedback we plan to run these summits more often. Join us for this 10 hour long event where we will offer a business update on Microsoft Learning, Soft Skills Training and technical overviews on MDOP, Virtualization, Windows Azure, Cloud Solutions, BPOS and many more. This event is complementary to all MCTs, make sure you don't miss the event and add it to your calendar today.
  • November 18th: The Microsoft Certified Career Conference:
    An exciting 24 hour virtual event where you can hone your technical and job-seeking skills and network with follow professionals, experts and students. As an MCT you can register at no cost using the unique promo code that you received by email earlier this month. We hope to see you at this exciting new event, check out the latest session and speaker details or join Tjeerd Veninga's readiness overview at our Third Thursday session later this week.

Study News

As per last week, I'm studying Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Communication Foundation.

I'm have booked my MCTS exam 70-503 for Tuesday 9 November at Auldhouse.

I'm continuing to do the practice exams.

I'm still getting lots wrong (but less than before)!

Here's my progress so far:

# Objective Score Total % Date
1 Creating Services 19 38 50 20-Sep-10
2 Exposing and Deploying Services 23 46 50 25-Sep-10
3 Instrumenting and Administering Services 11 22 50 4-Oct-10
4 Consuming Services 18 32 56 11-Oct-10
5 Securing Services 17 34 50 15-Oct-10
6 Managing the Service Life Cycle 13 28 46 20-Oct-10
  TOTAL 101 200 50.5  

Telecom News

Looking forward to the Telecom Christmas Party
  • This year will be held at TSB Arena on Saturday 4 December.
  • For a change, spouses and children are invited (so are partners, but I prefer the specific term spouse).
  • Telecom is a great place to work.

Situations Vacant

Head of Testing Services - TES220DC Continue the journey

Lead the largest Solution Test group in the land as we continue the journey to become a 'Best Practice' test shop.  Provide strategic direction for all our test functions as a thought leader in a high profile and hugely influential role.  As an advocate for change, you're passionate about doing the best by our customers; and seek to drive Operational and Delivery excellence in our innovative and fast paced environment.

Work collaboratively as part of a senior management team providing expert advice on all Solution Test initiatives and Delivery Operating model improvements.  Recruit, retain and value your team by leading by example.  Bring together multiple Solution Test functions aligning everyone to the same strategic vision.  Embrace vendor relationships and relish the challenge of working with multiple internal and external stakeholders.  Value partnerships and build capability to manage and enable comprehensive testing, sociability and quality assurance processes across our business. 

You're pragmatic, grounded, can be direct  and you deliver.  Having managed large teams in the past you're not fazed by direct accountability for managing multiple teams in complex environments.  A background in testing will enable you to build credibility quickly, combined with in-depth knowledge of the SDLC and project/programme management experience.  Commercially savvy, a natural leader and adept in vendor management you're a seasoned ICT industry practitioner and proven deliverer of change. 

Auckland or Wellington based you'll report into the Head of SBD IT & Internal.  Our Test team as a whole has enjoyed considerable growth over recent years and is now one of the largest teams in New Zealand.  As a group of like minded professionals, we enjoy pushing the boundaries of our developer's creations to ensure all possible weaknesses are identified and fixed.  Work as part of a tight knit team that's dedicated to producing top quality results on some of the most complex ICT projects in town. 

A journey into the world of quality assurance best practice awaits.  Apply today.


A summary of Significant Dot Net User Group Chatter
  • Sending and Receiving SMS messages in a C# app (2 replies)
  • A Service Layer (22 replies)
  • Hosting ASP.NET MVC 2 & MSSQL 2008 (2 replies)
  • Wellington Next Friday: PDC Breakfast (2 replies)
  • Exceptions on Background Threads (7 replies)
  • Purchase VS with MSDN subs (2 replies)


A summary of  Significant SQL Server User Group Chatter
  • WSSUG meeting 21 October (4 replies)
  • 24 Hours of PASS LATAM, Microsoft Party (0 replies)
  • Auckland SQL - Some things in life are free (2 replies)
  • Watch Live Streaming Keynotes from PASS Summit 2010 (0 replies)
  • WSSUG next meeting 18 November 2010 (2 replies)
  • PASS Budget Details, Live Keynote Streaming (0 replies)

Events Schedule

In this section, I highlight dates, times and venues of events either I am presenting at, or of interest to Geeks.  I'm available for bookings.

Date Event Venue Speaker
7-Nov-2010 BizTalk Saturday Cliftons Training Facilities, Queen Street, Auckland Lots
8-11 Nov 2010 PASS Summit 2010 Seattle, Washington, USA Lots
10-Nov-2010 Scott Talks Shop VII Online Scott Guthrie
17-Nov-2010 MCT & Educator Virtual Summit Online Lots
18-Nov-2010 Microsoft Certified Career Conference Online Lots
2-Dec-2010 SilverLight Firestarter Redmond or Online Lots
11-Dec-2010 SharePoint Saturday Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Lots
April 2011 ALM Conference Wellington Various


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