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Progress update on my Pocket PC blogging app

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 19:30

I've been promising an update to my Pocket PC blogging application ("Diarist") for about a year now, but naturally I've been delayed by life, work, laziness and so on.
The biggest delay was actually sorting out in my own mind what how I wanted to take advantage of .NETCF2 and how I'd handle trying to provide a good experience on both Windows Mobile 5 and up, and earlier versions.
What I ended up doing in that respect was using WM5-style menus for all forms other than the main entry form. The main form however configures its menus depending upon the OS version (it goes as far as displaying or not displaying a publish button, since I've replaced this with a SoftKey-enabled menu item for WM5 & 6). One of my obectives has been to enable users of Windows Mobile 5 and later to do as much as possible without the stylus - if they have hardware buttons mapped to Soft Keys, that should be pretty much everything.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've had to abandon Blogger support: I just couldn't keep up.

On a brighter note, I've added the following:

- The ability to add Technorati tags
- The ability to perform XML-RPC pings against certain servers (still to be tested)
- More options on context menus (Cut, Copy and Paste on all of them, and on the main form also Paragraph, Bold, Italic and Underline - hopefully this will save having to hunt for these through the menu system)
- The ability to save copies of blog entries (posted or unposted) locally on the device, and retrieve them for subsequent editing or posting.
- Tentative support for extra form factors (subject to testing).
- The ability to provide a local name for a blog to identify it more easily (you might for instance have multiple blogs which all have your name as their title, and want to distinguish between them).
- Integrated help (Forgot to mention that earlier)

I've reached the stage where most features are known to work, so I'll do some more testing over the next week or so and release it once I'm happy everything's OK (as OK as I can tell).

PS. The new version will be called Diarist 2, and can be installed side-by-side with the original, which I encourage you to do (that way if you don't like it you've still got the old version).

If you don't already have .NET Compact Framework 2.x installed (the 2 bit is crucial), you'll need to download it from Microsoft - I'll provide a link to the download page with the release.

I'm looking forward to now being able to devote some time and energy to projects which have nothing whatsoever to do with blogging.

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Comment by juha, on 25-Mar-2007 20:08

Hope it'll work with GZ... I'd like the ability to blog from my Apache.

Author's note by KevDaly, on 25-Mar-2007 20:13

Sadly there's still no blogging API for Geekzone that I'm aware of.
Nag Mauricio

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Mar-2007 20:19

A blogging API (and blogging via e-mail) is something I want to do on Geekone.

Author's note by KevDaly, on 25-Mar-2007 20:33

Let me know  if you'd like a hand - after the past couple of years I now know more about blogging APIs and their associated issues than any sane person could ever want to (hopefully I'll have more luck forgetting them than I did with the Irish euro conversion rate (.787564 aaarrrggh! It's still there!)) 

Comment by inane, on 26-Mar-2007 14:02

hey, I didn't know you had a GZ blog.

I love the app - i found it more stable than any other for blogging to blogger.

I was using on my apache for quite some time.

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