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New version of my Pocket PC blogging application (Diarist) released (now updated to fix bug in VGA rendering)

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 19:50

For anyone who's interested, Diarist 2 can now be downloaded from my web site (which incidentally, I'll now be able to make much more useful, having dealt with that major distraction).

Anyway, as stated previously this version requires the .NET Compact Framework 2 (already present on Windows Mobile 6 devices), and regrettably does not include support for Blogger (which I have had to give up on for now).

But for those of you who are still reading this, the feature list includes:

 - The ability to save blog posts locally on the device for subsequent editing or publishing
 - Support for Technorati tags (I might add other kinds in future)
 - Ping server support
 - Improved Tap and Hold menus
 - Support for soft keys in Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (in the menu design)
 - Integrated Windows Mobile Help (just select Help from the Start menu when you're on a Diarist screen, and there it is. Help. Hopefully helpful).
 - A few other bits and pieces.

This version can run side-by-side with an earlier one (that's why it's got the 2 on the name. Well, one reason), so if you try it and don't like it you've still got your original.

Now for a number of interesting projects that have absolutely nothing to do with blogging (yippee!)...

PS. For anyone who subscribed to the RSS feed (and I know some people have), now you know why Smile

UPDATE 04/04/2007

Juan David Gomez alerted me this morning to the fact that the display was a mess on VGA machines.
I've now posted an updated CAB file.

UPDATE 07/04/2007

Stefan Stranger informed me that nothing happened when he added his blog from a list of several hosted on the same site (at least that's my understanding of the situation). When I checked I found that the selection event had become unhooked from the code that handles it (this wouldn't have affected most people, since you only see the list if you have more than one blog hosted in the same place).

My second embarrassing bug in a couple of days is a good argument for a Beta phase, but whenever I've tried that nobody says anything. So for now I'll go with just fixing problems as I find out about them.


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Comment by tonyhughes, on 3-Apr-2007 21:02

does it support geekzone blogs?

Author's note by KevDaly, on 3-Apr-2007 21:06

Sadly not yet - see the responses to my previous post.

Comment by Juan David Gomez, on 4-Apr-2007 07:02

Hi Kevin,

my name is Juan David Gomez and I'm an avid user of Diarist.

Today I downloaded Diarist 2 but it won't render correctly on my VGA device... That's a shame because the old Diarist used to work just fine in VGA.

Can you check that??? It would mean the world to me as Diarist is one of my favorites PPC applications.

if you want drop me a line to "juan (dot) gomez (at) ieee (dot) org" and I'll reply with the screen shots.

Thanks men!!!

Author's note by KevDaly, on 4-Apr-2007 09:39

Sorry about that - and I thought square displays would give me trouble.
I've just emailed you a fix and updated the version on the site as well.

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