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A brief thought on the 21st century so far...

, posted: 1-Jan-2008 09:10

It doesn't take a genius to observe that this century to date has been pretty comprehensively shitty (it's also been pretty horrible for me and mine personally as well but I assume that to be a coincidence).

This century seems to have been dominated by madmen, criminals and self-righteous fools (and those who are all of the above), and the idiots who follow them: Osama, George, Dick and Toady Tony to name but the 4 most obvious examples. (The 20th century had Hitler, Stalin and many more larger than life monsters, but it also had examples to inspire us...currently this century we have an inspiration deficit, while our monsters hide behind the words of better men).

Karl Marx once said (and quoting Marx is a great way to wind up people who like to capitalise the words "market" and "business", so it's worth it if only for that): "Hegel remarks somewhere[*] that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."

What Marx failed to observe is that there are occasions where history is revealed as both tragedy and farce at the same time: George Bush being the classic example. It's astonishing and appalling that so many thousands have died, been maimed or otherwise had their lives destroyed as a result of the actions of such a witless and venal man, and that he may yet through his actions and inaction prove to play a starring role in the end of life itself on Earth (see any detailed description of the planet Venus for what I mean). And surely he gets a special prize for putting the archaic and barbaric practice of war between nations (finally almost obsolete at the turn of the century) back in the forefront of human affairs.

So to the people of Iowa and the other US states who are about to vote in the upcoming primaries, and those who will be voting in the eventual presidential election, I would like to say: Remember that your decisions have effects far beyond your borders and beyond your lifetime. For all our sakes and the sakes of the unborn generations to come, choose wisely.

Happy New Year.

I hope it will bring less war, more tolerance and more sanity. Hope, as they say, springs eternal.

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