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, posted: 2-May-2006 16:03

For anyone who may be interested, I've issued a minor update to my Pocket PC blogging app (the annoying-named-but-at-least-it-doesn't-have-the-word-"blog"-in-it Diarist). It's  mostly bug fixes, and in a brilliant display of non-professionalism I actually accumulated them over a period of time and forgot to keep track of what they are, so I'm reduced to saying "Trust me, some stuff that, as the Americans say, 'sucked', now sucks a bit less".  But you can insert paragraphs now, instead of just line breaks.
And you can download a CAB file directly to your device (that's one of the changes to the web site).

What I think may be of more interest however is that I'm now providing an RSS feed for software update notifications, so you don't have to keep reading tedious blog posts like this one.

In other news: battery life on the HP rx1950 continues to perplex me...it seems to coast along for days (while switched off) with little or no drain, and then BAM, it's all gone. I think I need to pay more attention to which applications may be in memory when this happens (almost make you wish for a Close button that closes, doesn't it?)

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Comment by juha, on 2-May-2006 20:37

Will it work with the GZ blogs? Diarist is not a bad name, I don't think.

Battery life is right up there with waving the great magic chicken foot around to fix SCSI and various DNS issues.

Author's note by KevDaly, on 2-May-2006 20:46


At the moment there's no API for the GZ blogs that I could hook into.

But as soon as Mauricio provides one I'll be onto it (in fact it would be quite cool to produce a Geekzone-branded version - which would have the big plus that I could more readily take advantage of special features of the Geekzone blogs that other sites don't provide or don't implement in their APIs).

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