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Twitula update and Twitter frustrations

, posted: 7-Aug-2008 18:03

I've just posted an updated version of my Windows Mobile Classic/Professional Twitter client, Twitula (and the name's definitely getting on my nerves now).
This includes the following new features (thanks to Ed Hansberry for the feedback that prompted this):

* You now have the option to automatically retrieve the Friends timeline at login.
* You now have the option to scroll a page at a time, instead of a line or two
(These two options can be configured via the "Options" er, option)

* You can now see a list of replies to messages you send using "@" + screen name.
* Soft keys are enabled on the status update and message screens

Additionally, I've tweaked the code to deal with the fact that Twitter for some reason sends mostly empty responses rather than returning a 304 (Not Modified) status when the content has not changed since your last request.

Frustrations: As of right now, the public timeline is no longer working. This is because the XML response from the Twitter API consists of incomplete data (users of the previous version of Twitula will get an error, whereas users of this version will see a message telling them nothing usable was returned).
I hope the Twitter developers and/or administrators will resolve this issue shortly (no sign of it so far), otherwise I'll have to try something else (my current options involve using colourful language to my PC and then sulking for a week)


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I'm Touched

Comment by chiefie, on 8-Aug-2008 07:45

I don't know why Twitter is so "hyped"... I'm moving on from Twitter to Plurk now as it is more interactive, and it has comments for each plurk and easier to follow.

I only visit Twitter because some people still stuck on Twitter hype.

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