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A bit of a whinge about Twitter (updated since I was wrong about Apple).

, posted: 14-Sep-2008 17:01

Hello people.
Or person. Frankly Scarlet I don't give a damn.

Update: I was wrong about the the 2.1 update (See comments below). My unreserved apologies to Apple (I know this will help them begin the healing process after my half-cocked criticism...)

First on my list of annoyances for this week: Apple's upgrade policies for the iPod Touch.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a brilliant device, and I have every intention of buying one once I've worked through my priority spending list of travel, guitars, and the abuse of alcohol.
What I think shows considerable cheek (and exactly no concept of fairness) is that Apple is charging iPod Touch owners for the 2.1 update.
There is nothing new about this: Touch owners have been charged for updates since the beginning. Previously however (especially not being an actual Touch owner at this point) I've been inclined to shrug it off...without knowing who is subsidising what I didn't feel strongly that there was necessarily anything wrong with charging Touch owners for updates that iPhone posers owners received for free.
With 2.1 however the situation is different, however, because this release is just a set of fixes for bugs in the initial 2.0 release.
When I Twitted my opinion of charging for service packs Mauricio rightly pointed out that Apple don't have "service packs", but my careless use of terminology aside, I think my original point stands. You should not expect people to pay for the privilege of having what they buy off you do what it was supposed to do to start with.
If you make a mess, you clean it up, and if you release buggy software you should not charge extra for the fixes.

   My second whinge also concerns bugs. I'll start with my own incompetence and then move as swiftly as possible on to other people's.
The day before I left for Tech Ed I uploaded an update to my web site (introducing at long last category feeds...which a couple of days later at the bloggers' dinner Scott Hanselman advised us not to use...sigh. I'll leave them in for now and make up my mind about about that one later. But I *am* in the process of adding support for comments. But none of that has anything to do with what I'm talking about here).
As fate would have it I also accidentally uploaded an outdated copy of the Twitula CAB, so a couple of people who downloaded it during the week encountered bugs that had me scratching my head until I got home and realised the nature of my cock up.
So I re-uploaded the correct version...you can imagine my chagrin when I noticed that the "People I Follow" option was still not working, because the relevant call to the Twitter API was returning a status 404 "Not Found". I checked the issues list for the API and sure enough other people were having the same problem. Somehow the authentication for this one function has been broken. I documented my experience of the problem. More and more people added theirs. Time passed. Time passed a bit more, as is its wont. And absolutely nothing happened. Nothing decided it had got onto a good thing and continued to happen.
It seems very likely that this would be an extremely easy fix, but to date it appears that no Twitter developers have even bothered to check it out. While it's likely that workarounds can be implemented by doing a bit (or in my case, probably quite a bit) of extra work I'll leave that to those developers who have the inclination and/or financial incentive to reward bad behaviour by cleaning up after people who can't be bothered fixing their own mistakes.
Personally, I'm giving up on Twitter and looking for other avenues for my development efforts.

Grizzle grizzle whine. With extra bitching (at no additional cost).

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Comment by Madmax77, on 14-Sep-2008 17:50

If you have the 2.0 software already and have paid for the upgrade you won't be charged for version 2.1, however if you are upgrading from 1.x you will be charged.

Comment by Madmax77, on 14-Sep-2008 17:52

Can be found on this page down the bottom in grey type.

Comment by manhinli, on 14-Sep-2008 18:03

If you've got 2.0 already, 2.1 is free - just to point this out to those concerned.

Comment by John, on 16-Oct-2008 13:10

2.1 is free if you already have 2.0 so just upgrade :)


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