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My presentation on developing widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5, including a Geekzone-oriented demo...

, posted: 22-Aug-2009 10:14

The slides and demo source files for the presentation I gave at the Wellington .NET User Group on Wednesday (19/08) are available on Kirk's blog: http://pageofwords.com/blog/2009/08/19/WindowsMobile65WidgetsWithKevinDaly19Aug09.aspx

I've recently arranged new web hosting, so I'll post them there as well once the site's up and running (I'm developing the site from scractch using the ASP.NET MVC Framework rather than just putting the old one back up, so I've got a bit of work to do).

As I was adding links to the slides beforehand I was embarrassed to notice that the MSDN widget documentation has the same title as I'd used for the presentation, but "Developing Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5" is a title that pretty much invites itself, so I decided not to change it.

There were two demos: the first was intended partly as a backup in case there was a problem with the second (since the second required internet access), and also was simple enough to be allow me to code it on the spot and demonstrate a minimal widget configuration.

The second was actually a widget version of the Geekzone Friends (yeah, dorky name) Pocket PC application I wrote several years ago to display Geekzone friend statuses. I actually added a little bit of additional functionality in the form of linkification, which I'll retrofit to the .NETCF version if anyone's interested (you probably aren't so I probably won't, but you can't say I didn't offer Innocent).

As fate would have it the second demo did originally fail to work...that is until someone pointed out that I'd neglected to plug in the network cable. I think we all know what Homer Simpson would say at this point.

(I was originally planning to document the development of the Geekzone widget in a detailed blog post, but I was delayed trying to sort out icon resolutions for Windows Mobile Standard, which I haven't yet resolved to my satisfaction - at least to the extent of getting the icon to appear on WM 6.5 Standard, and yes I did include .ico files - and in the end a presentation seemed a more useful way of getting the information across. With the added benefit of free beer and pizza).

PS. ...and yes I'm still open to job offers. Although if people just want to give me all of their money because I'm a Living Work of Art or to salve their tormented consciences for a lifetime of evil deeds that works too. Just saying.

Have a good day folks.


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