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Posting from iPhone OS

, posted: 14-Feb-2010 16:17

Test...the category errors are getting on my nerves

The first sentence above was sent from the iPhone simulator. My first blogging application for the iPhone OS just reached a milestone (I managed to post to my Geekzone blog). I encountered a little hiccup earlier in that the Geekzone implementation of the MetaWeblog API returns an error if you don't provide a category - annoying, but given that MetaWEblog isn't a particularly well-specified API there are lots of quirks out there that client software has to allow for, so that was actually a good test.

I've still got a lot of work to do, but by now I pretty much know how I'm going to handle everything.

Actually, having to approach everything afresh (for a new platform) has been a very useful experience - some of the necessary re-thinking will feed into what I do for a future Windows Phone 7 (or whatever it ends up being called) version.

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Comment by nate, on 14-Feb-2010 16:36

Are you selecting more than one category? Geekzone blogs don't support one post in multiple categories.

Author's note by KevDaly, on 14-Feb-2010 16:53

Yes, the problem was that I initially tried posting with no categories, and it didn't like that.

Comment by RedJungle, on 15-Feb-2010 09:48

Yeah, there were a few small quirks to handle when building the integration between MetaWebLog API and the Geekzone blogging engine.

e.g. Category cannot be null, and only one category is allowed. Which doesn't "align" 100% with typical MetaWebLog usage, so I made a judgement call and got it working as closely as I could.

Feel free to get in touch if you run into other issues.

Author's note by KevDaly, on 15-Feb-2010 11:26

I looked at it as a feature more than an issue

Whenever you're retrofitting the API to an existing site there are always the constraints imposed by the normal operation of the site itself.
At least in this case I get a nice error message that I can pass on to the user. That's better than for instance Community Server blogs not handling UMT dates correctly (last I checked they treat dates as local time), or the fact that the only way to find out whether a given site supports newMediaObject is to try it and see what happens.
I noticed the single category restriction (maybe it originated in the fact that most people never work out how to select multiple entries from a dropdown, so why bother?) - you might be happy to know that I'm pretty sure Windows Live Spaces has the same limitation.

THEN there's the fact that as you may have noticed XML RPC itself could be used as an example of an XML anti-pattern (it truly is vile).
It's all fun.

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