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Diarist 1.2 for Windows Phone now available–Plus some tips for Geekzone users in particular

, posted: 4-Jun-2011 18:23

The latest update to Diarist for Windows Phone is now available - If you've never installed it and would like to try it, the Marketplace link is here.

This release fixes some bugs (including a lack of input validation. Ahem) and adds the ability to associate a link with a text string rather than having it just dropped raw into the middle of your post (in other words, what the visitor to your blog sees is some hyperlinked text).

Two of the bug fixes may be of particular interest to Geekzone users wanting to use this app. Both of the bugs in question related to how Diarist behaves when you are configuring blog details (username and password, and the address that is used for programmatic access to the blog engine).
Many sites make use of an RSD (Really Simple Discovery) file, which is a file pointed to by a tag in the head of your home page which (among other things) tells blog clients where to find the address they need to interact with your blog. When this file is present it is not necessary for you to provide this information yourself, only the URL for your blog.
There were two bugs in particular relating to this behaviour:
  • If no RSD file could be found, the progress bar continued to be displayed, giving the impression that the app had hung.
  • If values were entered for both "Blog address" and "Remote posting web address", the logic to search for an RSD file would be initiated, even though it serves no purpose when "Remote posting web address" is provided (since ultimate purpose is to find that value).

As mentioned, these errors are both corrected in this release.

Geekzone bloggers specifically should do the following:
  • Enter username and password in the fields indicated
  • Don't bother entering anything in "Blog address" (although it won't hurt if you do) 
  • For "Remote posting web address" enter: https://metaweblog.geekzone.co.nz/metaweblog.axd (note that it's https)
  • Hit the Save icon on the application bar and once your details have been validated with your blog site they will be saved (obviously you don't have to keep entering them. I'm not that sadistic).

Also, when posting to a Geekzone blog it is necessary to select a category - and only one category (that is, for Geekzone it is not valid to select either no category or more than one category. This is a requirement of the site itself).

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