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My rx1950 now looking less crappy...

, posted: 8-Jul-2006 19:14

I've had a love-hate relationship with this device: I love the fact that it didn't cost me a lot of money (since I didn't have a lot to spend), the fact that it continues what I've always believed to be the most gorgeous PDA design around (God I'm shallow), and numerous WM5 niftinesses.
The lack of Bluetooth is regrettable, but when you don't pay much, you expect to do without some things.

   However, it's also driven me to distraction through two things: a tendency for the battery to drain quickly in unpredictable circumstances, and an infuriating habit of requiring a soft-reset before it will turn on when it's been off (obviously you can't turn something on that's already on, but I just thought I'd avoid ambiguity).

   So this morning I finally got off my metaphorical bum and went to the HP site to see if there were any updates that might help the situation. I'd been intending to do this for some time, but put it off partly because of innate laziness and partly because I couldn't face wading through pages of corporate "Aren't we wonderful!" drivel before getting to the goods.
Anyway, there actually a number of updates for the rx1950, most of which I applied, including a firmware update that looked like it might relate to the very problems I've been experiencing.
And from what I can tell so far, it looks like it might have actually taken care of the problem.

And that's nice.

In other news, the recent cold weather has really slowed down my personal software development projects - it's just been too cold to code much of the time (and sometimes too cold to think). But I've made a good start on a few projects which I hope will come to fruition in the not too distant future.

Finally, I'd just like to say (following recent experience in the day job) that I can't understand what (other than tech snobbery) inspires vendors to install Windows CE (as opposed to Windows Mobile) on devices with a palm-sized form factor: let's be honest people, that Windows 2000-style interface is a complete disaster on a small screen in portrait mode. Just get over it. And please stop.

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Comment by freitasm, on 8-Jul-2006 22:11

Good one... And people don't understand why some run to install updates as soon as they are available. It's a pain having to reinstall all the software, as required after most Windows Mobile updates, though.

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