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, posted: 30-Nov-2007 07:46

So finally got the A into G and posted a blog.

Its been 7 months now since we moved to India, and old habits die hard. Sitting down reading the local rag and inveriably your eyes drifts towards the IT and telecommunication headlines. What a wild place! But that's covered elsewhere ( http://www.geekzone.co.nz/KiwiOverseas66/4178).  First off, we have started to draw a few conclusions about our host country:

The people
Unbelievably hospitable - never short for advice on anything you might like to mention - also prone to occasional acts of group violence!

The food

Too delicious for words - as long as you like spices (but really - it is great).

The animals

Yes there are animals - lots of them. There is a two ton bull that lives on our street, the roof of our house accomodates a roving band of monkeys, we have squirrels in our front court yard (these things appear to have the metabolism of a humming bird after a double shot expresso), and more stray dogs than you can shake a stick at. No snakes as yet.......or leapoards for that matter.......and yes we have seen the occasional elephant on the streets.

The city
Chotic and grand all at the same time. Very green (more so than I was expecting). If you're the sort of person that gets nervous in NZ traffic - don't come here - and if you do, consider wearing a blindfold if you're out on the road (looking at the driving - everyone else does).

The traffic

there are rules (don't know what they are - but there are rules). Probably the most useful item in your car will be the horn - which is used constantly. The most useless item will be the indicator (its a nice flashy thing). Might has right - so bad luck if you ride a bicycle - and please go first Mr truck driver. Which lane on the road should you drive in?.......what's a lane?

The news

You know your in a country which has a slightly higher profile internationally - when a king, president, prime minister, Armed forces commander, and religious leader all visit in the same week - all from different countries! And then it happens all over again the next week!

So a few weeks ago the main stories here were the signing of a nuclear agreement with the US (or not as the case may be), destablisation in Pakistan and whether or not they had full control of their nuclear weapons (yikes), terrorist bombings in Hyderabad with 34 dead, and flooding with something like 800,000 homeless. In NZ in the same week - I think the main story was one MP taking a swing at another (and if I remember rightly.....he missed)! I can imagine though there will be days here, when you wish the biggest headline was simply about 2 MPs having a fight.


Just a short note re this one. Power cuts happen alot (more so in summer - up to half a dozen times a day - sometimes for hours on end). Big shortage of generating capacity. Water is also in short supply. Town supply (if you have it) is turned on twice a day - meaning you need to have tanks.

Indian IT and telecommunications
For anyone who has worked in the industry (probably anywhere in the world) - there is no need to highlight the significant impact the indian IT industry has had globally. Of course everyone knows that India is a significant supplier of outsourcing and software services. If you visit the city of Bangalore (which by the way costs a packet to stay in......USD400 plus per night for a hotel room.....and they are always booked out).....then you will see large neo signs proudly proclaiming the presense of yahoo, google, cisco, microsoft, sun, etc......they are all there in a big, splashy sort of way.

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Rawiri Johnston
New Delhi

Resident in India for the next few years. Left the corporate IT/ Telco job behind for a change of scene, spend more time with the family, eat lots of spicy food, drink more beer! Currently living in New Delhi - a lovely cosmopolitan city filled with great people. The politics here are wild! So is the IT (8 million cell phone connections a month - wooohoooo)!

I'm maori, married, three lovely kids, avid rugby fan (go the blacks), and play guitar.