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back in Kiwiland

, posted: 20-Jun-2009 00:12

Well....back home in Kiwiland after being overseas for a couple years and geeeeze its cold! Was supposed to be in India for at leat 4 years, but had to come home early for some long term medical treatment for one of the family. Ah well - so the adventure continues but in a slightly different way...

Anyway - initial impressions after being away for a couple of years. Firstly this place is disgustingly clean. OMG - even the animals look as if they've been washed, and air is so clean you can actually smell every thing around you. Secondly - the food is gooooood (and the beer is great). All I can say is mmmmmmmm.....and pass me another steak. Thirdly - this place is empty. So much space and so few people - ya gotta love it.

Slightly comical or quirky impressions? The 2 minute item on 3 news the other day that was the 5th or 6th story of the evening about 7 cats being poisoned on a street in Napier! Very traumatic for the families (not to mention the cats) - but a 2 minute story.....with interviews! Was there nothing else happening in the world?

Comms in NZ

Probably goes against the grain compared to most correspondence in blogs, the media, etc - but geeze NZ comms are great. Oh to be back in a country that actually has broadband, not to mention 3G! Having spent that last two years stuck at 256k (remember what that was like.......grrrrr) - and 2G cell phone networks, NZ is nirvana by comparison. Still - I'm guessing only the country of China would have the faintest idea of what is needed to supply broadband and 3G to a nation of over 1 billion people.

Getting use to NZ pricing is a bit of a shock (especially after paying less than a cent a minute for mobile calls). Then again - being able to use a mobile service that doesn't suffer from constant disconnection problems, or connect to an ISP whose DNS servers don't fall over every couple of weeks, or who actually provides advertised DSL speeds.....is brilliant. Decided to get a couple of mobiles - simply wanted something that had 3G, touch screen, bluetooth, qwerty keyboard - and nearly died at the cost of buying something like that brand new. So off to trademe and $90 later - a couple of 4 yr old PDAs with touch screens, 3G, blue tooth and qwerty keyboards. Gotta love being able to buy something for a 10th of the price, that was a thousand bucks 4 years ago.

Anyway - time to head off and grab a steak sandwich......mmmmmmm.

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Rawiri Johnston
New Delhi

Resident in India for the next few years. Left the corporate IT/ Telco job behind for a change of scene, spend more time with the family, eat lots of spicy food, drink more beer! Currently living in New Delhi - a lovely cosmopolitan city filled with great people. The politics here are wild! So is the IT (8 million cell phone connections a month - wooohoooo)!

I'm maori, married, three lovely kids, avid rugby fan (go the blacks), and play guitar.