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, posted: 9-Oct-2009 21:02

Welcome to my Blog.
Thanks for taking the time to stumble over.
If you got here by accident don't worry, most of it will be work safe Wink

A little about me?
I have had a passion for all things technical from a young age.

I guess I should thank my parents for letting me take apart stuff all those years ago.
What were you thinking dad?
This is mains powered equipment I am tearing down Surprised
I am sure he figured if I survived I would be better for it.

Unfortunately learning the hard way most of the time.
Only 1 major hospital stay when I had a fireworks accident in 1991.
60 stitches later and a couple of scars, cool.
Explosives are soo last century.

Ah, the days of taping wires together.
What an upgrade once I got a soldering iron.

Now with a child of my own, 2yr boy, I had better be more careful.

Always been a sharing kind of guy so might as well document what I have found useful.
Previous documentations have been at the various forums I frequent.
But some are login only so don't get indexed.

Most of it is available on the internet but not that easy to find.

So if you have an interest in geeky guy stuff stick around. Smile
I will be posting about, electronics projects, interesting IT problems I come across, Life (yeah right).

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Comment by naggyman, on 11-Oct-2009 08:34

Your blog looks good!!

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