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Nokia 1202 FBUS , RH-112

, posted: 11-Oct-2009 17:06

With the phones as cheap as they are it's hard not to try and think up alternative uses for them.

How does one control them?

In the early days, 5110 it was relative easy.
Connect to the serial interface on bottom of the phone and use AT commands.

OR Control the phone directly via the keypad.
There is limited feedback with this option.
This one is the first I have seen to use carbon tracks instead of the familiar copper pads.
The other phone is a Nokia 1325.

Photobucket Photobucket

It must save them as less copper is used?

Getting to the solder points is a little tricky as you have to scrape away the carbon without reveling the nearby layers.
Possibly GND.

The other option on most Nokia phone is the FBUS.

First thing was to find out where the FBUS pins were on the 1202.
This gave the location of the pins but not the pinout

Pinout was located after I found the schematic for the phone.

Unfortunately the only practical location involved some fine soldering.
The 4 pin, USB Like, port on the side.
I wanted to buy the cable but both trademe sellers did not allow pickup.
And I wanted it that day.

Connected to my proto board with a MAX232 for required level shifting.
Photobucket Photobucket

First try was with gnokii.
Documentation was somewhat lacking.
Especially a step by step or example of how to get going.
Not a major but it does mean you loose 30 mins trying to figure it out.

Composing a txt was didn't work but I did get it to make a call.

So I gave gammu a try

Even worst documentation, gave up after an hour.
Did not get going.

Of course I could have just missed the correct page of both programs.
But why make it hard to find.

If these phone were supported by the nokia pc application I could have sniffed the protocol but no chance as they are deemed an enetry level handset.

Back to gnokii but now the phone won't turn on.
I think I'll leave it for now.

edit 12/09:
Pinouts also found here

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Comment by kaushik, on 13-Mar-2010 09:55

can u pinout the pins in usb type cable. I mean the Tx Rx and GND

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