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Live Radio Buffer - MP3 Player Controller

, posted: 23-Oct-2009 19:55

Ok maybe not quite an accurate description.
But it does buffer live radio, kinda Wink

I don't have a massive music collection and don't listen to music all that much.
Compiling and managing a collection is low on my priority.
When I do listen to radio I don't want to be listening to ads.
Or Mi Fm when in my partner's car. Surprised

So record a heap of radio and dump it onto an mp3 player.

Finding a cheap mp3 player that had decent fast forward was no easy task.

Incipiently people that listen to e-books also have this problem.
ie, position retention and fast fast forward.
When you are zipping through a 2 hr file you want more that 3x speed.

Having Mediaportal has spoiled me with it's skip steps.
Hit FF 4 times and pooft, bye bye ads.

Now to do the same with this mp3 player.

Idea was simple enough, control it's buttons to give a known skip time.
You don't want to be fumbling with it while driving.

Picked up a 4gb Laser branded unit off trademe, $50
Not much to see in there, a DC-DC to step up the voltage from 0.5-1.7v to 3.3v.

Usually buttons are configure as a Active Low (VCC and pull to ground to activate).
In this case there were not.
Rather than revers engineering a schematic I went with the easy out and used opto isolators.
While this worked for the FF button the power was configured slightly differently.
The opto did not work.
I have to use a clunky relay.

Power was tapped from the Audio chip.

Photobucket - Photobucket

Did it work as designed?
Push the button once and the light starts flashing.
Push it again within 1 sec and it fashes faster, indication it will skip 3 minutes.
If you do not press it a second time it will only skip 1 minute.

In the wild

The radio transmitter in the cigarette lighter socket is only used to detect when the ignition is on.
Done via a resistor divider.
It worked for a week before dying.
Not too fussed as I only paid $10 for it on trademe.

Another option could have been to make a custom firmware for it with the help of these guyes

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