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Review - Portable Bubble machines

, posted: 6-Dec-2009 12:57

Having kids is a good excuse to buy lots of stuff that might otherwise get the rolling eyes from people.

While in Jaycar Newmarket the other day, I had my son with me.
They had one running outside so we had to have one.

$50 later, machine + bubble liquid.
The only problem with it is, runs on 2x C Size batteries.
Luckily C are the same length as AA's, In go the AA with a side spacer.
I am a big fan of rechargeable so use them where ever I can.

It is actually quite fun to watch all the bubbles.

Wanted another one for something else so went looking on TradeMe.
Opted for one of these, due to the being covered.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now available for $20 from other sellers.

My one had a fault.
After careful inspection I located the problem.
The battery positive contact plate had been installed backwards, so the battery was not making contact.

With 6x batteries there was no doubt it was going to have a higher output than the jaycar one.
It can be run on just 2 cells if required.

The bubble solution makes a big difference to your output.
Thicker = more, as more get's stuck to the pickup wheel.
The JC stuff was runny while the one supplied with the TM one was a lot thicker.
Getting 2.5x the output on the JC machine.

Some bubble info

So is the Jaycar one worth 2x the price?
No, maybe 1.5x the price :)

$10 worth of bubble solution is way more fun than $10 worth of fireworks


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