You don't know til you try . . .

EPG, when it works it's a dream. When it dosen't . . .

, posted: 16-Mar-2010 05:11

We miss Fireman Sam and Spider. Not cool.
It was 2 months since I last had to to anything about he epg.
Lat time it was changing the router and forgetting to update the HTPC.
Now it's sky's fault.
Might have to get a DVB-S.
I will try some of the less involved FREE options in the thread first.

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Comment by meesham, on 16-Mar-2010 08:54

I was using the guide downloader from and I noticed yesterday that I didn't have any guide info for after Friday. I've created a small script which now downloads the haventech guide downloading the XML file using wget for Windows then copies the file to the ForTheRecord directory (the 3rd party scheduler I use with MediaPortal). Depending on what HTPC software you're using will decide how difficult switching over's going to be for you :)

I don't subscribe to Sky and never will, but this reaffirms my decision (there's nothing on there I want to see anyway). I really don't understand why they've gone after these guide providers, the only people who will want this data are people who have paid for subscription to Sky, why annoy your customers needlessly?

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