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Vodafone 845 Partial Teardown

, posted: 3-Dec-2010 19:11

I was looking for a wired interface into this Android device.

The gps was a logical choice if the serial lines were available.

I figured it was going to be tightly integrated but worth a shot.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Yup, it was pretty tight in there.

The only identifiable components in there were

1. Vreg. rf3196ms

2. Bluetooth. bts4025

3. WLan. ar6102g-bm2d


The gps may have been hiding under the metal shields but I wasn't game to try and take them off.

I couldn't even find the gps antenna :(

Back to using a Bluetooth serial module.



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Comment by codyc1515, on 3-Dec-2010 22:33

* Teardown

Comment by numfarr, on 3-Dec-2010 23:08

In some phones you can get a serial connection on the USB port if you throw the right software switches. If they have released the source code for the kernel have a dig around in the drivers looking for references to UARTs etc.

Author's note by MrWestie, on 4-Dec-2010 06:34

codyc1515, me not so onto it tonight :)
numfarr, good idea. Will go hunting. If I have no luck who might I look to some assistance?

Comment by wintersm, on 8-Dec-2010 09:45

TTL level serial on the usb would be interesting & handy, been thinking of how to in-expensively attach my android to some avr devices I use..

the source can be found on the huewi ( i probably spelt it wrong ) site..

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