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us$9 Bluetooth Module Review, serial TTL

, posted: 10-Mar-2011 09:11

Also known as BTM5 ,

As found all over the interweb

Got mine from eBay
2x for us$18 shipped.
Preconfigured as a pair

So what don't you get compared to something like
Bluegiga WT32 at us$50

1. It's Class 2, so 10m range
2. Simplified firmware.
This limited it in one particular application where I wanted to scan for devices and show their RSSI.
A kind of digital easter egg hunt.
It has no command to scan for nearby devices.
Or to show RSSI of connection.

3. Might not be found by some devices.
Vodafone 845 found it ok but the Samsung i5700 did not.

4. Bug?
I wired up the slave one to test. Just happened to be the first one I grabbed.
I was configured to 115k.
I could not get into command mode.
After a bit of fiddling I got it.
A. Remotely connect to the device.
B. Disconnect.
C. Pull pin 34(PIO11) high to enter CM.
Pulling it high at power up did not get me into CM.

5. +++ Runs from 2.2-4.2v  Should be able to run straight off a Lithium battery.

So is it worth it?
Definitely if your device can find it :)


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Comment by mcraenz, on 12-Mar-2011 23:18

Hey this is really cool - thanks for pointing it out.  I can think of a few arduino applications that this would be good for. Shame it's only 10m range, 100m would be great, what's that, class 3?


Comment by Mark Easton, on 31-Mar-2011 07:34

How can we contact you? We may have some work for you if you are interested. Cheers Mark

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