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Cheap logic analyzer review, nz$40 landed

, posted: 26-Aug-2011 08:36

At some point in your electronic hobby you will want one.
Probably after your oscilloscope.

While I did use my scope to do the initial troubleshooting it only had two channels and small window to watch the signals.

After some searching I settled on this unit.

While I could have saved $20 and gotten this
I wanted the probes that came with the more expensive one.
And the warm fuzzy feeling of buffered inputs.

This was my first purchase from via aliexpress.
I would have preferred to use paypal but had to enter my CC details into the site.
My usual point of call is eBay.

8 Days later it was at my door.
No documentation or sw supplied.
After a quick chat to the supplier he sent me a link to download the sw.
It failed to install for some reason so I downloaded the latest version from the original mfg site.
1.1.9 (x64)
Worked fine on Win7 x64.

This unit is a clone of

I have not tested the USBee software as the saleae is doing the job so far.

Connected to project board using SPI at 2mhz, nRF24L01+

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Comment by RmACK, on 2-Sep-2011 14:33

Looks good, I'll keep it in mind in case I want one.

What 'scope are you using? The probe in the photo looks a lot like the ones on my GWInstek.

Author's note by MrWestie, on 4-Sep-2011 18:53

Using a DSO2090 ,
Quite possible the same probe since both suppliers in same region :)

Comment by mjb, on 29-Sep-2012 11:20

What's the pinout on the analyser?

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