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Running a MILWAUKEE M12 Drill from an alternative battery

, posted: 29-Dec-2011 15:53

I needed to replace my aging drill.
Picked up a used 2410-20 from Trademe for $70

Battery from Hobbyking.
nz$15 landed

Soldered some connectors and tested.

No go.
After a bit of reading. the third terminal was for a thermistor.
Phew, I was worried it was a smbus or something fancier.

Soldered a 10k reisitor across the GND and SENs terminal.
Sorted :)

I only used it intermittently so not too fussed with battery life or looks.
Although I could connect a bigger one if required.

Photobucket Photobucket

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Comment by raytaylor, on 1-Jan-2012 14:26


I have a milwalkee heated jacket that uses the M12 battery - and i always suspected it wouldnt last very long based on the high draw of the heat pads so this is awesome. I imagine the proper replacment batteries are something like $100

Also I have a M18 series drill that has a charge sensor and other stuff inside. When the batteries die i'll have to pull them apart and see whats inside and hopefully i can do something similar.

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