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What you need to know about electric ride on toys.

, posted: 22-Jan-2012 19:33

You always want a better life for you kids.
And getting them the toys you always wanted when you were a kid goes with that right? Wink

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Exhibit A.
64L x 45W x 43H
My story starts with a $25 purchase from trademe.
Your standard 6v Small quad.
Rated up to 25kg.
1 wheel drive.

My son is 4 Yrs old, 10.4kg, 100cm tall.

This quad was bit small for him.
Our section is on a slight slope, 5 degrees?
It had trouble doing the up hill part.
Worked ok when fully charge.
Got a new battery for it.
So after 2 laps, 100m, it stopped going up hill.

If the grass was even slightly damp, it would slip.
1 wheel drive fail.


Exhibit B.
90L x 62W x 55H
New from trademe, also 1 wheel drive.
I had higher hopes for this as it looked like it had more traction.
Not so.
There are 3 positions for the seat.
Due to having the seat so far back the center of gravity is also quite far back.
Leading to reduced grip on the front tyres.
Moving the battery to the front might help a bit.
When this happens, it just turns on the spot.
See video below.


A note on the product from TM.
It is listed at 80kg max but the sticker on the body says 30kg
You need to add washers to the seat screws or it just goes through the plastic.

Exhibit C.
A used one from TM.
Two wheel drive, big size.
100L x 70W x 65H

Battery was bad so had to get a new one.
We have a winner :)
A little on the big side but just enough power.
It handles the up hill just fine.
Being 2 wheel drive it has all the traction required.

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Comment by simon14, on 23-Jan-2012 14:11

No pic of the current one?

Author's note by MrWestie, on 23-Jan-2012 14:14

The biggest in the lineup, blue quad :) Will take a video though.

Comment by n4, on 23-Jan-2012 15:55

These 'toys' feature on way too many 'Funniest Home Videos' for my liking :-)

Author's note by MrWestie, on 23-Jan-2012 19:12

lol, true. Fun when kids are small, but too small to know better. When big enough to be know better too big to ridde them safely. Then you have to move up to the next unsafe size.

Comment by simon14, on 23-Jan-2012 19:53

I want one for me.

Comment by allan, on 24-Jan-2012 11:34

>>getting them the toys you always wanted when you were a kid Ain't that the truth. Lego train set anyone?

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