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When is fast food not fast food?

, posted: 23-Apr-2012 20:00

When it is slow and undercooked.

I was going to just give drop them an email with my review.
But I could not find anything on their site or on their menu.
There was a feedback box in store but no feedback forms.
They did have a pen , kept my boy amused for a few minutes drawing on their menu.

The shop opened up after being under construction for 2+ months.
After being opened for 2 weeks they had to close due to equipment failure.
2 weeks later they reopened.
Fast forward a few weeks and we were ready to try it.
One of the gimicks was you got a free soft serve while waiting for your meal.
It wasn't until after I had ordered that I found out their icecream/milkshake machine was broken.
Was the told it was going be 20 mins.
Went for a walk.
Came back and was told it was going be a few more minutes.
It was finally ready at 30 mins.

The meal did look good upon opening it at home.
After a few bites my wife noticed the chicken was a little under cooked.
I did notice my skewered chicken was a little tender.
Upon closer inspection it too was under cooked.
Checked my son's meal, mostly cooked.

I then remembered the customer after me when I collected my order, a pregnant woman.
Hopefully they cooked her meal properly.

The last time I felt strongly enough to post a review online was after watching "The Thin Red Line"
Saving private ryan it was not :(
I am sure it made a great english study project, but not something I paid to watch.

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Comment by freitasm, on 23-Apr-2012 21:51


Author's note by MrWestie, on 23-Apr-2012 22:17

a 2 branch chain, "Chicken Run". I have dined at Nandos with good experiences on all ocasions :)

Comment by freitasm, on 24-Apr-2012 15:43

Yes, I wrote "Nando's" as in "wouldn't be Nando's a better option?". I should have been more eloquent ;)

Comment by Mark, on 25-Apr-2012 05:07

I've never heard of Chicken Run (guess it is probably an Auckland one-off restaurant) but looking at their website there is not much there that would make me want to venture into their store. The copy looks like it has mostly been written by an 11 year old (but I guess it could just be that it was written by someone whose first language is not English.) The story they spin goes on about combining the best African spices and then at the end states that we can now experience chicken with the best Portuguese spices. Where is the connect? Last time I checked Portugal was in Europe, not Africa.

Comment by dklong, on 27-Apr-2012 16:42

I went to the 'Chicken-run' in Luckens Road about 2 weeks ago. Service was 'very' slow even though I was one of only 3 people to order in the 30-40 minutes I waited and I thought the food was expensive for what it was. Over $50 for dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids and it was not all that nice.  However, I guess I was lucky and, at least it did seem to be cooked!

We certainly won't be going back.

Author's note by MrWestie, on 7-May-2012 08:27

Nandos would have been a sure bet but I though give the local little guy a go. dklong, the same place I went to, defently won't be going back either.

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