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How big a heatsink do you need to run a green laser pointer continuously?

, posted: 7-Jul-2012 09:53

At least this big. Ambient 15degrees Celsius.

Purchased from eBay, us$4.61 including shipping.

I need to run them 12 hours at a time, overnight for a project.
Due to the low price these do need a few seconds to warm up.
Once warm they behave as normal.
They start dimming when the case get to 28+ degrees.
Case is diameter 13.75mm. I only have a 13.5mm drill bit so a little pressing with the vice get's it in there.
I could also have scrapped off the rubber black coating for better heat transfer/fit.
Or used a smaller/no heatsink and fan.
Being battery powered why waste energy when you can go passive.
Will also be quieter.

While they many only seem like toys with 5mW of power they are still dangerous due to the concentrated nature of the beam.
Keep away from eyes and planes.

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Comment by jmumby, on 7-Jul-2012 22:18

What kind of project need a green laser for 12 hours!

Comment by kiwitrc, on 8-Jul-2012 06:21

Comment by jmumby, on 7-Jul-2012 22:18 , user id: 57773) What kind of project need a green laser for 12 hours! When you are aiming it into a fixed speed camera lens from your flat :)

Author's note by MrWestie, on 8-Jul-2012 22:45

lol, no speed cameras on my itinerary. Although an interesting proposition.
I would use IR laser though if I was. It is to add some ambience during a MilSIm Night Airsoft game. Breaking into a fake military installation is more exciting if it is surrounded by lasers.

Comment by freitasm, on 9-Jul-2012 09:13

Just make sure those green laser aren't pointing at anyone's eyes. They are not toys...

Author's note by MrWestie, on 9-Jul-2012 09:35

Thanks for the reminder. Have updated the post with a warning.

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