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Android Stealth Instant media upload

, posted: 18-Mar-2013 19:08

So you are an activist or high risk photo journalist.
Or just just filming the fuz doing something they shouldn't be doing.

You are documenting evidence when someone grabs your smartphone or demands you delete the incriminating evidence.

While I am not any of the above the technical aspect interested me.
What is the quickest way to get media off your device with the fewest

Many camera programs come with a share feature.
The new google+ client also has instant upload.
Unfortunately it uploads any photos/videos you take.

What if you do not want all you your snaps uploaded?
What if you need more?
Or in this case less.

No notification that your local media has been synced so who ever has
your device has no idea that the images are already in cyberspace.

I tried a few apps but all failed on one point or another.
.Too many clicks
.Unable to be selective about what is uploaded
. Notification of upload

1. You need a camera app with a custom store location that is different from your main app.
2. Dropbox account + Dropsync

The wining combination for me.
1. Mobile Hidden Camera - zecurizoft
Even has a disguised icon/name and stealth mode so there is no indication the device is recording.
Set the video to auto segment at 5mb , makes background uploading easier.
The downside is there is no viewfinder/preview so you do not see what is capturing.

2. Dropsync - TTXAPPS
Can be set to stealth sync in the background with no notifications.
Configure it to sync only the alternative camera apps store location.

-In use-
Unlock phone.
Start app.
Start record.
Point in direction of action.

-Vs normal-
Unlock phone
Start app
Start video
Point in direction of action.
Stop video
Select share
Select share method, (facebook, etc)
Wait for upload.
Start next video

Hope you are in a good reception area.
If you get caught and told to show them the images, start up your gallery app.
Nothing there as the files are stored in a non indexed location.
If your device is taken from you it will keep uploading until power is removed.

Someone non technical will have a hard time knowing what to look for.
Unfortunately the giveaway is the network icon showing data transfer.
That might no be a bad thing as it also let you know it is working.

So be prepared before you go looking for trouble
Try me

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Comment by Regs, on 19-Mar-2013 01:45

never really thought of this "usage scenario"... but with windows phone you have the ability to take photos without unlocking the device, and it can auto-upload photos (not video afaik) to your skydrive account.

Comment by Linuxluver, on 20-Mar-2013 23:03

Occupy people in the US and elsewhere were using Instant Upload. It was a very timely innovation. 

Comment by nathan, on 24-Mar-2013 21:19

Windows Phone will also autoupload video to SkyDrive if you set the device region to US

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