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, posted: 9-May-2015 10:24

I have been helping a friend out with an extended warranty claim at dicksmith.

They have basically mucked her around and trying to fob her off.

Maybe a little social media pressure will make them do the right thing. :)

Her story

My post on their FB page.

Hopefully I can post an update in a few days when #DickDelivers ;)

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Comment by matabo, on 9-May-2015 15:23

I had a problem with a product out of warranty but defently , in my mind , still covered under the CGA . The shop that sold it ,the supplier to the shop and the eletricain seem to be togeather to say it was not covered under the CGA. I thought really. So i waited for their electrician to come around (which i had to pay $100 up front ) to inspect to see if it was a fault or something we had done , he deemed it a fault in the product . but was inferring that that the firm would not pay .

Mean while I had posted the details of the complaint on the consumer Institute facebook page . I then informed the electrician what i had done and the end result would be also posted . I also informed him that the consumer Institute said  that the fault was covered under the CGA . He looked at me , said that he had to go outside and make a phone call  Which resulted in the suppler ringing me to inform me that yes it was covered , no charges plus my$100 refunded .

Nat , don’t muck around with them , go down to your local court house and file a small claims against them .

Comment by xpd, on 11-May-2015 08:06

Good luck with DS.....  had a external HDD fail under warranty, they didnt want anything to do with it because I couldnt provide them the invoice, yet could tell them the date etc I made the purchase - think it'd be easy enough to pull up in their system - but no. They apparently (according to the CSR I spoke to on the phone) dont hold records for anything that might help in a warranty situation except for big screen TV's and cell phones.

Was going to cost me $60 (for a few more dollars could get a new one with full warranty from a diff store) to send the unit to WD in Malaysia to sort out, I just tossed it out and refuse to buy anything over $20 from DS anymore.

Comment by rphenix, on 14-May-2015 11:58

Gav, you should have printed out a bank statement showing transaction for the drive then ask them to honour it - and CGA claim otherwise.  But like you I don't walk into DS anymore.

Comment by FlameBeard, on 18-May-2015 15:41

I had to buy a splitter for a friends business as their other one was fried. $30. For an ADSL splitter. Gone are the days where DSE are relevant.

Comment by MadEngineer, on 20-May-2015 19:58

Does DSE still do VIP cards?  I haven't been into a DSE for years now but scanning my VIP card registers my name on the sale and they can search with that

Comment by nunz, on 27-May-2015 15:55

Nope - they wont honour those VIP cards - they have stopped them.- and VIP saved me a few cents - literally on thousands of dollars spent. Waste of time.

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