My New Toy....

By Jason McIsaac, in , posted: 22-Mar-2010 00:22

Well for the past year my main device was my iPhone 3G (16GB), until 3 days ago when I bought an HTC HD2. This is what a I call a killer phone, the screen says it all and then to back that up it has a 1GHz processor to boot, very fast.



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Comment by kiwitrc, on 22-Mar-2010 06:39

Be interested to hear what you like/dont like about it vs IPhone

Comment by chiefie, on 22-Mar-2010 09:33

Shame it's not Windows Phone 7 Series compatible.

Comment by muppet, on 23-Mar-2010 12:42

I'm first in line to get one of these, as soon as an Android version is released.

I'd just have to stab myself if I owned a phone that was MS based :-)

Comment by lotech, on 23-Mar-2010 15:18

Yeah I'm sure Windows Mobile 6.5 must be screaming along. It's good to use all the CPU power.

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