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XT Network WAP & MMS Settings

, posted: 14-May-2009 13:35

Here are the XT Network device settings for WAP & MMS

Access Point Name (APN): (aka TelecomContent)
Data Bearer: Packet Data
User Name: (leave blank)
Home Page: http://myhomepage
Proxy IP Address:
Proxy Port: 80
Proxy Secure Port: 8080

MMS settings are the same as those above EXCEPT the Home Page is changed to

For PDA devices;
Access Point Name (APN): (aka TelecomContent) or (aka TelecomData)
Data Bearer: Packet Data
User Name: (leave blank)
Home Page:

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Comment by Tom Gall, on 21-Jun-2009 09:15

Thanks so much for this info. The Telecom setup text succeeded for internet but not MMS but these settings worked perfectly. (Sony Ericsson W760i)

Comment by Simon Ellis, on 25-Jun-2009 22:24

I have an Nokia 3120c that was on vodafone and have put a new xt SIM in it but it will not connect to the xt network. What settings do I need to change to get it to work on the XT network

Comment by Simon Ellis, on 25-Jun-2009 22:38

I have an Nokia 3120c that was on vodafone and have put a new xt SIM in it but it will not connect to the xt network. What settings do I need to change to get it to work on the XT network

Comment by Behodar, on 8-Jul-2009 17:58

I have a Sony Ericsson W705a purchased from Telecom, and the TelecomContent APN is set to, not It still connects to T-World. Is that normal?

Comment by sean, on 18-Oct-2009 00:17

i have a annoying problem at the moment not to long ago i got a telecom r6 xt phone thinking they where awesome problem is i cant receive any mms from anyone it always says cannot receive message oversize! is there a fix to this is should i set this phone on fire in the telecom store 2 moro

Comment by RichardJ, on 9-Nov-2009 14:57

These are the right settings for the internet but I'm unsure how to do this for the MMS I am on the Nokia 6600 Slide phone I have entered the setting for the internet/Wap but it isn't working for the MMS Can anyone PLEASE Walk me through this??


Comment by matthewbr, on 24-Nov-2009 12:14

Hey Tom Gall. Whats your email?. I have the same phone and I'm having problems with mms. Can you hel

Comment by HS105, on 13-Jan-2010 15:54

Hi, I have a W760i just connected to the XT network today. However I am having problems going onto wap and mms. where abouts do i enter the information above onto my phone? cheers

Comment by harwoodw, on 9-Feb-2010 18:50

how do you get the telecom setup txt??

Comment by harwoodw, on 9-Feb-2010 19:05

I have a nokia 2730 on Telecom XT. I have tryed the settings but it wont let me change the default settings, i can setup a preffered setting but the preffered setting wont appear in the wap or mms settings only default or VF NZ

Comment by groovy1, on 22-Feb-2010 20:51

I have a Nokia 6555 & Nokia 6500S and having the same issues with WAP & MMS. Any help woul be greatly appreciated

Comment by Alan Flemming, on 29-Apr-2010 20:30

Hi Guys, Me too. Can anyone help me out with my 6555 settings? txt seems to be fine but no mms. Thanks.

Comment by Mat, on 13-May-2010 16:29

Im struggling to get my Nokia 5800 to send mms and access the net. Done the above but got nothing. Any suggestions.

Comment by mandee, on 30-May-2010 12:44

hi guys... These settinga dont wrk for my phone... i have a samsung A737 any ideas! this fone is a import thanks

Comment by jemstar30, on 13-Sep-2010 21:00

Help, can't seem to get internet for my sony ericsson W760

Comment by old3eyes, on 19-Sep-2010 14:07

I have the same problem with a LG Winmobile.6.1 fone.  Try as  I may  I can't get the internet to connect properly.  Have got some  but can't acces my account on TWorld.. Has anyone gotten any screen shots of how to do this??

Comment by Gen, on 30-Nov-2010 08:43

samsung S8300T ultra touch. Also Tworld ok, mms wont work. Might have to go back to 2degrees. they just txt you the settings and away you go no problems. setting install themselves.

Comment by Rob, on 28-Mar-2011 13:37

Can anyone tell me if I can change settings on LG 920 A&AT ohone to access internet Please?

Comment by Ambersamarah, on 10-Apr-2011 16:35

Hi,I have a Samsung galaxy 550 and can't get the MMS to work.The available field to fill are different to the ones of the list. This is what I have so far:
What do I put in the other fields?Thanks,

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