I love and I hate social networking

, posted: 20-Jul-2007 15:38

I have always been into social networking going right back to the days of my account with Compuserve when I got involved with all sorts of interest and newsgroups way back when. I still have connections around the world from those days. I made friends that in some cases I have met, some that guided me around hotspots around the world, like the blues clubs in Chicago and others that have popped up in lots of other networks in recent times.

The problem is that there are so damned many of them these days and they can be such time wasters. On the other hand in my role at GeoSmart, I need to keep up with what's happening around the world especially when it comes to the location based side of it because we want to be in the Web 2.0 world from a mapping perspective, both with today's technology and the future of A3 = Any time, anywhere, any device, but I digress as I am wont to do.

I have lots of interests and they converge. Key ones besides mapping are mobile and wireless computing, eBooks and music, as one of my many ambitions is to become a fulltime songwriter, bet those of you who thought they knew me weren't aware of that. You can check out some of my songs at www.myspace.com/luigicappel as well as Music Forte, Boomr, Mucah.com and many other places.

You can even listen to some of my older songs on my Buzznet page, but not on my Flickr page. You may read comments about things I am doing musically if you follow me on Twitter or perhaps in one of my groups at Tribe.net.

Lately lots of people have been hassling me about why I'm not on Facebook and that I need to see what they are doing because we are looking at putting a whole load of social networking functionality into a new web site that I can't talk about yet or I would have to kill me and that sounds pretty final and unpleasant.

My wife says I'm a geek and doesn't understand why I have 7 PDA's and 3 Smartphones. She just doesn't understand.

And of course now I'm going to get more involved with Geekzone, so add another to the listYell

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Comment by psychrn, on 21-Jul-2007 08:19

Seems you are doomed Luigi-Hi

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