TomTom Finally arrives

, posted: 18-Oct-2007 09:15

I've been drive testing TomTom PND's (Portable Navigation DevicesCool for the last couple of months and really enjoying it. With navigation being a major part of my life at GeoSmart, I have been driving with several nav devices for the last 3 years.

I thought that screen size would be quite important having driven with a large VDO entertainment screen, but I was pleasantly surprised. Once the novelty is over, you don't actually look at the screen much, mostly just to confirm the details of a complex roundabout and when you first start using it, to make sure you agree with it.
For newbies to car navigation, the experience is quite interesting because when you think it is wrong as far as the best way to get somewhere depending on the route criteria you have programmed, it is usually you who are wrong.

The only exception to this is that when you know your way around, especially going home, you will probably know of a combination of shortest and fastest route as well as local conditions that the nav unit doesn't know about.

The biggest thing is that your whole attitude to driving changes when you are going to places you haven't been before. You hop in the car, set your destination and sit back, relaxed and enjoy the drive.

This is not a cool toy, it is a device that will save you time and help you enjoy travel.

TomTom is the world leader in portable nav and have some great offerings such as the website TomTom home and they are going to have a significant impact on the local market.


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Comment by barnaclebarnes, on 18-Oct-2007 10:41

I've been holding out on getting a GPS for quite a while but Tom Tom has always impressed me. In you opinion what would the best model to go with? I would want something that will also hook into my mac via usb or bluetooth as well.

Comment by Barry Murphy, on 14-Nov-2007 17:25


I'm liking the TomTom GO 720 however they not available here yet... I was wondering if you were aware of any of the Nav devices that can connect to GPRS / UMTS over bluetooth and do auto updates of traffic, or roadworks and that sort of thing. I prefer to do everything over wireless than having to use USB and I already have a dataplan on my phone so might aswell use it.



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