I want a new MP3 Player

, posted: 19-Nov-2007 17:39

I have a podcast which is currently suffering from podfade and I want a new MP3 Player that I can use amongst other things to do reasonably good quality recording on.

Other people I know use iRiver MP3 Players and like them for doing roving interviews at expo's and gigs, but the ones I've seen didn't have very good displays and I quite like the idea of being able to download some video entertainment from time to time as well, especially podcasts.

I had a look at a Creative MP3 player the other day at the new JB store in Albany and it had a microphone built in, but it looked so small that I was worried about the quality. My next thought was if I had an MP3 player (maybe they should have a new name now that so many of them play MPEG4 etc but I digress) that had a stereo audio in socket for recording, I could find myself a nice quality small microphone so I could record better audio. One of the things I want for one of my new songs is some Tui sounds to add in and I would need some semblance of quality for that and other things.

There is a nice portable 3 track audio recorder available for under $1,000 but it does not play MP3 or MPEG files and has no display and my wife won't let me buy one of those after I bought 2 new guitars this year and am about to buy a new 19" LCD monitor with a TV Tuner or the other way around, which I want but don't need and now that my company notebook is locked down I'm going to have to buy a 2nd hand notebook so I can do important non work related things on it.

So you get the picture. An iPod won't do what I want (will it?) and I don't want DRM on my tracks before I've even used them. There must be someone out there in Geekzone land than can guide me in the right direction?


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