Social Networking via Mobile

, posted: 23-Nov-2007 17:34

I've been talking about this for ages and I think it is going to start very soon.

I have been talking to many companies and stakeholders from mobile device companies, marketing companies, web and solution developers and advertising companies.

I'm confident that within the next few months location based social networks and permission based marketing will start appearing in New Zealand. They don't require GPS, although GPS will make life easier, especially where maps are involved.

Imagine scenarios like:

A keen marathon runner is in Rotorua for a long weekend and interested in meeting people of a similar ilk to train with. The social network might be sponsored by a company with an interest in the sport who may also be able to offer special deals for purcases made during the weekend.

On a Sunday Morning while strolling through Ponsonby Rd I keen see where any friends are within walking distance that are keen to catch up. The same could apply on a Friday night where I can see where my mates are having a few quiets. The local bar in the Jaffa's happy Hour Club who sponsors the Jaffa Mates site offers me 2 for one in an SMS coupon.

These are just a couple of thousands of opportunities that are coming and will soon be reality.

If you are working on any ideas in this area, we should locate each other and see if there are opportunities to collaborate. I'm not loooking to develop these apps myself, just to support from a content perspective, i.e. map API's and location based Points of Interest and concept creation.

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 24-Nov-2007 02:11

Have played around with such technologies in the past and more recently using the GPS on the 6275. things like Facebook mobile is bad joke but I have MSN logged in on my PDA which is good for discovering where certain people are. When GPS or eGPS is finallt integrated, the results we have been waiting for will be be finally here.

Telecom did once have a wap based "Messenger" (2001-2004) which could status update people and then alert their phone if you sent them a message, all over WAP and instantly as SMS.

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