I'm trying out the TomTom One XL For Christmas

, posted: 19-Dec-2007 15:39

The year is coming to an end and we are all going to enjoy a summer holiday, but that doesn't mean that the fun is going to stop. I've decided to take 3 weeks and get at least one week's rest.

I will be trialling some new features such as the Buddy Locator on the new TomTom One XL which they kindly loaned me for a few weeks. It communicates via Bluetooth to a mobile phone and allows your 'buddies' to see where you are, using their own One XL. This is a great feature for groups of people wanting to catch up while they are travelling around the country. I'll also try out the Map Share service which allows you to make map alterations to the map data on your device including adding or changing Points of Interest in their categories. Another feature that will be interesting is the ability to download weather forecasts, of course for Auckland anyone can predict it accurately. Today it has rained, the sun has been out, it has been windy, now it has stopped, later it will rain again. But seriously, being away and being able to see a weather forecast on your car navigation unit is pretty cool.

The new year is full of very  exciting new developments which I can't tell you about yet. What I can tell you is that Car Navigation and Fleet Management are going to enjoy rapid growth in New Zealand, following on from the record months we have enjoyed in the 2nd half of this year. Location Based services on web sites, mobile phones and SmartPhones are going to go from concept to reality and we will start seeing social networking and proximity based marketing evolve into every day life. Of course GeoSmart will be the preferred content provider and partner.

I have also ordered a Belkin TuneTalk Stereo for iPod Video unit. Basically it is a recording unit dongle which installs itself into the iPod when it is attached and allows you to record quality WAV data onto your iPod. I've wanted something like this for ages so I can record ideas and music as well as my Podcast anywhere anytime. That is if it arrives and doesn't end up under a courier's Christmas Tree. It was dispatched from the distributor 2 days ago and hasn't arrived yet!

Of course that means I'm getting an iPod for Christmas. Now that was an intersting experience. The Belkin data told me that the unit was compatible with 5G and 2nd Generation nanos. So I went of to my local electronics store and asked to see what a 5G nano was. They didn't think there was one. I then wasted another hour or so finding out that it is compatible with new nanos and the iPod Classics. So I will be getting an 80GB iPod which will be perfect. I'll let you know when I record my next podcast of A Kiwi Songwriter. Don't go there now because I haven't recorded one since June! That is a genuine case of temporary podfade.

Anyway, I will share with you how this technology pairs up after Christmas, if the Belkin unit does arrive.

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