Virtual Augmented Reality Retail Showroom

, posted: 22-Jan-2013 09:15

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At a time when so many familiar stores are struggling to stay afloat, developments in augmented reality are prompting questions about how we’ll shop in the (Could augmented reality be the future of our retail experiences?
Imersia's insight:
This opens up a really interesting opportunity. As space becomes more valuable, imagine if you could have a virtual showroom in an actual space, which could be used multiple times.

What I mean is, imagine one showroom, that shows different things to different people. Lets say for example I am looking for mens T-Shirts and you are looking for an arty gift to hang on a wall with a particular theme. We could both be looking at the same markers on the wall through our mobiles or AR glasses and have a totally dfferent shopping experience at the same place.

This place could be a showroom, the wall of a bus shelter, a train station or the entrance to a shopping mall where the actual items are stocked. It could also help solve the problem where men and women have different interests when they go shopping. I could be looking at electronic gadgets and big boys toys while my wife is looking at clothing. When she sees something she wants my opinion on, I'll be right there with her and able to switch viewing modes to see what she is looking at.

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