CallAPP Israeli Military Grade AI Tells You About Who's Calling

, posted: 1-Feb-2013 09:49

My phone is ringing: Who is calling? Why are they calling? Is it urgent? CallApp – an Israeli military grade AI gives the answers in an instant.
Luigi's insight:
When it says an Israeli military grade AI, does that send shivers down your spine and wonder who is collecting data on who, or does it tell you precision engineering and high quality? Perhaps a little of both?

Ultimately this is a reminder about your digital footprint and perhaps thinking about what information you share on social media.

VUFILEThis does take me close to something I have always wanted and never quite been able to achieve. I owe a lot of my success over the years to keeping good CRM records. I started off at Tait Electronics in sales with a Sinclair Spectrum, a black and white TV, a casette player, a dot matrix printer and a copy of Vu-File software which cost me the princely sum of $35, which was quite a lot at the time.

I had all the information I needed on my sales calls about who I was calling on, their sporting or other interests, their past objections to my sale overtures, information about their business and much more which I had to print out regularly.

Some of my colleagues laughed at me, but it was regularly me winning the bottles of Moet each week for bringing in the most sales, which was especially rewarding since it was my first sales consultant role and I had to start in the worst territories that no one wanted.

I yearned for the day when I could have the information I wanted on a portable device and that dream came through when I got my first Palm computer. But 2 decades later and I am still waiting for the perfect solution. Will CallApp get me another step closer? I won't know until they bring out an iOS version. Well actually a comercial version at all given that they are still in Beta and only with Android so far.

I definitely want the services they are offering. Not so sure about the guy in the video, I find him a bit scary, maybe he's a comedian that I haven't heard of, or a mad scientist, just not quite the sort of guy that inspires me with confidence. Maybe they should have got Sacha Baron Cohen as their front man lol.

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