Playboy Girls Leap Out of AR Billboards in The Netherlands

, posted: 15-Feb-2013 10:07

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Imersia's insight:
The gist of this story is that this week Playboy has distributed around 1,000 billboards with Augmented Reality markers throughout many cities in the Netherlands. In conjunction with Layar, if you point your smartphone at one of these posters, the Playgirls will come to life and you can watch them in a video right there on the street.

This will certainly appeal to a segment of the market and will no doubt result in another large group of people being familiarised with AR.

Most of the public still don't understand AR so marketing activities like this will have a significant educational impact. With the print industry in decline (although I understand from recent news that magazines are faring much better than newspapers) this is a great way to get more people to buy magazines?

Why? Because by linking the AR experience on the street billboards to the magazine itself, they can promise additional AR experiences that will leap onto your mobile or tablet from the pages of the magazine.

Could this be used by other publications and what sort? In my mind the answer is that it would apply to all publications. If you have a print magazine (or an ailing newspaper), campaigns like this can increase your distribution and help you sell more advertising. We at Imersia are developing solutions like this as well as interactive games suitable to tie into this type of marketing. Whether it is Kate Middleton's pregnant bikini image, which continues to sell women's magazines whilst people cry out against the invasion of privacy, or a picture of the smoke pouring out of the Vatican chimney as they make a decision on who the new Pope will be, we will see more of this on the streets of the world. 

Will your brand be leaping out of billboards in the near future? 

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