Augmented Reality Glasses For Policing and Sourcing Local Expertise

, posted: 27-Feb-2013 09:56

This is a short video on Golden-i, but gives an example of the sorts of tools that Police could be using. Given the budgets that we provide for policing in New Zealand, I can’t see it happening soon.

However this technology should in my opinion be trialled by SAR, Armed Offenders, Dog Squads, Helicopter and other specialist emergency services as soon as it is reasonably available. In the UK and USA this technology has been trialled for some time by Police and in conjunction with DARPA and other agencies.

The good news in New Zealand is that approval has been given for all Police Officers to be issued with iPads. That is certainly a step in the right direction. They already support functionality including facial recognition, so in a way they can start getting some degree of Augmented Reality. Combine this with a variety of location based services, they will start coming up with wish lists, many of which can be dealt with by local developers such as Imersia. I just hope that when they start looking for application support, they talk to some of the very smart people such as our own Dr Roy Davies.

So often we see Government organisations go to overseas suppliers when there are people here with just as much skill and knowledge and an understanding of local conditions, cultures and technology barriers and opportunities. Collaboration is often much easier with small specialist companies who are immersed in these technologies, rather than large consultancy firms who might still have to go to small companies to find the answers at much greater cost.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality Dirt people for sharing the video. More from them at this blog.

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