A Kiwi Augmented Reality Location Based Game

, posted: 27-Feb-2013 17:43

A Kiwi Augmented Reality Location Based Game

Imersia has created Finga Footy, a free Android and iOS game which shows off both Augmented Reality (AR) and Location Based Services concepts that you can play on your mobile or tablet. 
Finga Footy QR Code Finga Footy QR Code
You can get the application by scanning this QR code with your mobile, or follow this link.  It will provide you with the link you need for your mobile operating system.

It will also provide you with a link where you can download and print a ‘marker’ which looks like a beer coaster. When you have downloaded the game, you will need to point the camera on your device at it. When you do that and you are in a location where you can play the game, the ball and goal posts will magically appear.

Yes, it is a location based game which means you can only play it at
Finga FootyFinga Footy
locations that we have set up. This makes it perfect for marketing campaigns. You might want to allow people to play the game at your retail outlet, cafe, bar or restaurant, or perhaps at a sporting event.

Once you have the marker and have made your way to a location where you want to be able to play it (which can be pretty much anywhere on earth), you can compete with other people for the high score, which is based on a ratio of the number of successful goal kicks.

Trace Finga

You need to enter a name in order to play the game and submit your high score. We know which location you are at by using location based technology from the mobile. We are not collecting any personal information and you do not have to give us any to use it.

The way you do this is to place your finger in front of your mobile (not on the touch screen) and tap the virtual ball which will then hopefully find its way to the goal mouth. Once you have a sufficiently high score to claim for that location, tap on the submit button and your name goes on the record for that location.

For now this is a proof of concept and we are starting to talk to companies about creating versions of this for specific campaigns and we can add all sorts of unique features to it.

Currently there are a number of New Zealand locations where you can play this game. These include Johnsonville Shopping CentreGiapo Ice Cream and research Kitchen, McDonalds in Greenlane, Millenium Institute in Mairangi Bay,  Columbus Cafe at Smales Farm and City Impact Church in Albany, Auckland. if there is somewhere you would like to be able to play the game, let us know by emailing info@imersia.com with the location, or leave a comment here on our blog.

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